Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Summer breezes are here. Deciding to eat dinner locally (in Sausalito) with some special clients, and hearing the request as good seafood, prompt service and nice view, Michael & I looked at each other and said "Horizons". I reviewed Horizons at lunch in December, and since this was a business meeting I wasn't planning on blogging it, but the topic of my blog came up and I was invited to snap away -- so I did.

Most of us chose to start with the delicious clam chowder, and one of our party ordered the caesar salad to start. Unfortunately, the salad contained a piece of unwelcome organic matter, a hair. Although the manager came to apologize profusely, it necessarily colored our table's experience of the meal. These things can occasionally happen anywhere, but it feels worse when you are treating out-of-town guests to what is hoped to be a very positive experience.

Grilled Salmon

I did photograph the delicious looking salmon, which was confirmed good by those who chose it. The arrangement was beautiful too.

Seared Scallops

I ordered the seared day boat scallops with polenta. It was very good, the scallops nicely seared and juicy without being raw. The polenta and grilled vegetables were great paired with the scallops. And the fresh grape tomatoes were a nice fresh addition.

Also, I apologize to anyone who received a "" invitation. If you were here this morning, you'll have noticed that they hijacked my blog - naturally without my permission - posting a big ad for themselves as a blog post! And they also sent their 'invitation' to every address contained in an e-mail I sent, or was sent to me in my g-mail account (with 10,000+ messages you can imagine the magnitude)! I was completely horrified and I'm sorry about this. This seems to be at best sneaky and deceptive on their part. I've spent my usual writing time trying to connect with them to continue my protest of their actions.


Sarah said...

Anna - please can the music!

Anna Haight said...

The music is associated with a slide show below, and I've been trying to figure out how to get rid of it without removing the slide show ever since. It needs to be an option, not an automatic! You can manually turn it off in the show. Slides and Blogger aren't working well together these days. At worst, it will be gone when the slide moves off the front page. I've put a note into them about it.

Elle said...

Anna, I liked the music and actually came back to the tastes of Persia posting a couple of times to hear the music. It is too bad that slides and Blogger are not too compatible, but the music was fun.