Monday, June 18, 2007

Three Degrees

Father's Day Breakfast.
I took my father to Tiburon to try out the Three Degrees for breakfast on Father's Day. It is in the Tiburon Lodge, centrally located and easily found. The founders of the restaurant believed that guests in their restaurants are a little more closely related, three degrees rather than six degrees of separation, hence the name.

Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

Dad started out with some freshly squeezed orange juice with his coffee, and said it tasted fresh and slightly sweet.

$3 pot of tea

I started out with a $3 "pot" of hot tea. I'm picky about tea! I was impressed that they were thinking about the tea service, but it didn't quite come off. The waiter brought a beautiful wooden box of Mighty Leaf teas. Good brand, nice presentation. Then he brought me the pot. Hmm... it was only about 3/4 full, and a small pot at that. The 'tea' cup was none other than the regular coffee cups. Well, they were nicely shaped for coffee, but played the devil with the tea. It was fluted out, and left a large surface area to let the warmth escape, so by the time I got it to my lips, it was rather lukewarm. (Oh, and my place setting was missing a spoon, so I had to stir it with a knife, as I couldn't catch the waiter's attention. He brought me a spoon much later, upon request.) The rest of the pot only was a dribble into the cup, so maybe it was 1.25 cups of tea in the pot. Nice try, no cigar.

Veggie Omelet

Dad went on to have the Grilled Vegetable Omelet - zucchini, yellow squash, sweet peppers, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs & brie cheese with fingerling potatoes. It also had some fresh sliced fruit on the side. He enjoyed it and remarked what a great way to start Father's Day.

Eggs Benedict

I ordered Eggs Benedict - toasted english muffin, griddled canadian bacon, two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce. It also came with those naturally buttery tasting fingerling potatoes, and fresh fruit. It was fantastic. Although they came up short on the tea (most places do), and were rather slow in serving (and it wasn't busy), the food was so good that I will come back again.


Elle said...

Looks like a fun place to eat if you don't need hot tea. I also find tea to be iffy purchased in restaurants. Sometimes it's the quality of the tea leaves, sometimes its the way the water tastes, sometimes the water is lukewarm. It's a shame, but true in too many cases.
Happy Father's Day to your Dad!

Bob said...

The food does not look as appetizing compared to other posts here. I'd stick with Japanese food.

Anna Haight said...

Elle: You are so right!
Bob: Well, I'd sure love to have a Japanese breakfast in Marin, but there is no place that serves them here. I've also been to every Japanese restaurant in Marin, except for one in a mall, and one that is only take-out! But I agree, the arrangement of Japanese food lends itself to beautiful photos, and great eating!