Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Persian Mosaic

The World of Persia in Marin.
Continuing on my trek to round up themes in Marin, I have eaten my way around all the Persian restaurants that I've found in Marin. Unfortunately, this was quite easy to do since there are only three. Persian cuisine is an ancient one full of spices, fruits and a wide variety of tastes. It's culinary flair has influenced surrounding states, such as Afghanistan, the south-Central Asian states, and the cuisines of North India and Pakistan.

The Persian Restaurants in Marin are:

San Rafael
Apadana Restaurant
Le Papillon -closed

I traveled to Fairfax to try Rumi's Garden Cafe, only to find it has morphed into Chad's Garden Cafe (which doesn't appear to be Perisan) and is not open for dinner. The Supper Club chose a Persian theme last year, for which I made ash e-jow. You can get the ingredients for a fine Persian meal at Hatam's. If you are in Sausalito, and hungry for kabobs, the Bridgeway Cafe makes a kabob sandwich and some superb Perisan appetizers, although 99% of their fare is American. If you know of any Perisan delights I've missed in Marin, please leave a comment!


cookiecrumb said...

I had a killer mezze plate at Le Papillon. It blew me away. Such new flavors!

Anna Haight said...

Great! I was in your old neighborhood this morning for breakfast, and will be reporting about the experience soon!

Anonymous said...

What about Falafel Hut?