Friday, May 25, 2007

Flowery exterior

Persian Delights. Having passed all these beautiful flowers the other day on the way to India Village, I vowed to come back and try this place for dinner. What would the food be like in a place that paid so much attention to the detail of beautifully abundant flowers?

Apadana Restaurant

Apadana Restaurant is in a strip mall, and has a very nondescript sign in keeping with the rest of the mall. Don't bother looking up for it, just watch for the flowers!

Starter Plate

A refreshing starter plate comes out automatically, with gently warmed lavash, mint, basil, onions, walnut pieces, Bulgarian feta, and butter.

Apadana Platter

Dad and I jointly ordered an Apadana Kebob Platter. It had a skewer of a spicy ground beef mixture, chicken, and steak. Tender, moist and delicious meats. There were two nicely grilled and pleasantly charred red ripe tomatoes on the platter as well.


This was accompanied by a platter of basmati rice, hot and fragrant.


Dad asked, "What's for dessert?", so out came the dessert menus. Dad was called by the bastani, a rosewater ice cream. He gave me a taste, and it was fresh and smooth.


I decided to try something that was completely unique sounding - faloodeh. It packed a most unusual textural and taste sensation. It was an ice-ball containing broken rice noodles which had a little crunchiness to them along with the slightly rose-tasting ice. This was splashed with some sweetened rose water, and a squeeze of lemon. Very refreshing for a hot day.

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