Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Anna's No-Cooking at Home.
It was just too hot today in the San Francisco bay area! The forecast called for a high of 92, and it felt it. It was still 85 degrees at 4 p.m. when I was deciding what to do for dinner. It felt too hot to drive around, and much too hot to heat up the kitchen, so I decided to do a cold plate dinner al fresco. Looking at those strawberries above, don't they make you feel cooler?

Table setting

So I chose a number of things at Molly Stone's to supplement things that I already had and set the table on the deck with a plate of savories: luscious lemon hummus, pita bread, Dubliner cheese, roasted garlic cloves and fresh carrot sticks. To it's right was a plate of sweet tastes: Asian pear slices, American pear slices, cold fresh cherries, and fresh strawberries.


These products made my life easier: Christopher Ranch Roasted Garlic cloves, Sabra's luscious lemon hummus, Dubliner cheese, and for dessert Choctal.


And in this heat, the only drink should be water, and I served Metromint Spearmint water - for a very cooling sensation which matched the lightness of the savory and sweet items. This casual dinner was a hit with my Dad, and we enjoyed the coolish sea breeze, much cooler on the deck than in the house. I lingered, reading my assignment "The Essential David Bohm", to prep me for discussion with professor tomorrow. I stayed out until there was no light left to read by, and a little bird trusted me enough to hop around the railing tilting his head and gazing at me for some minutes before flying off into the sunset.


Doug said...

metromint has yet to make an appearance in new york - which is a shame, as I bet its just the thing on a hot day.

cookiecrumb said...

Nice supper! Over the lagoon.
(I totally know where you live. I suspected before; now I'm sure. Cranky and I looked into buying a place there a couple of years ago. Enjoy that deck.)

Anonymous said...

what a perfect evening!

Anna Haight said...

Hi Doug -- I heard that Metromint is available in NY, but I don't know where.

Hi Cookiecrumb! I think you're right, and it would have been fun to have you and Cranky as a neighbor. If I understand where you've just moved, you're not far from my friend Jo-Ann. The thing about the deck is, the mosquitoes have discovered it too!

Elle said...

Anna, that sounds like the perfect hot weather meal. We had bar-b-q and it was at least as hot. Glad it has cooled down some.

Anonymous said...

I love Mollie Stones. Especially the one in Greenbrae. I like their bakery and produce section. And that picture of the strawberry is making me crave for strawberry.

Jaime said...

Hi Folks,
I work with Metromint. Thanks for the lovely comments. Metromint is indeed available in NY. It is available nationwide at Whole Foods. You can also find it in many natural food markets.

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Jaime Borschuk