Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sushi Ran

Michelin Star Meal. Over the past 10 years, I've been to Sushi Ran any number of times, and it lives up to its Michelin Star. This time it was for lunch, usually it is for dinner. I was greeted warmly by every staff member who walked by, including the CEO, Yoshi Tome. He was absolutely as cheerful as his photos.

Miso soup

I enjoyed the beautiful aesthetics of the room, and my ice tea and richly flavored miso soup came promptly.

Oyako donburi

Yes, I gave them the oyako donburi challenge -- what would theirs taste like? Well, I think we are dealing with some 'safe egg' standards here as it was a tad more cooked than what I've experienced in Japan. However, it was delicately simmered so there were no 'curdles', no strange ingredients, and gently placed on top of the rice with the right amount of saucing. It was very good, and I'd have it again. Certainly this is a recommendable place, and lunchtime prices are more moderate.

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