Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Angelino's view

A place for romance.
Look at that view! This is what it looked like from my seat at Angelino's in Sausalito. Can you just see the jeweled skyline of San Francisco at night while sitting with your sweetie? This is one of the most romantic spots I've happened upon in Marin.


Stepping in the door of Angelino Restaurant you are immediately greeted by a handsome Italian type who wisks you efficiently to the best table.

Asparagus Soup

The soup of the day was a dairyless asparagus soup, served with a flourish. If you are a bread connoisseur, you will love the fresh bread that is served, it jumps out of the basket with freshness.

Petrale Sole in sauteed in white wine

I tried the petrale sole special, which was sauteed in a light white wine sauce. Elegant and delicious! Soft romantic, sensual music accompanied the meal. My mind wandered to more romantic times, pink organza and champagne. oh.. it's time to be in the present! But if you want to spend a special time with someone, I can't recommend this place highly enough.


odessa said...

I was just here for lunch last Sunday! The food was indeed excellent and the view was breathtaking. My friends who came to visit from LA were so jealous that I live in the Bay area. :)

By the way, found your blog via Technorati. Enjoyed your posts, will come back for sure.


Anna Haight said...

Hi Odessa! Glad you enjoyed the blog. I love Pablo Neruda! Enjoy your adventures.