Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scallop and mixed green salad with grilled asparagus

Deck Dining.
It's the time of year when this is most attractive, warm but not too warm, and nice as long as it isn't windy. So we had another meal on the deck.

Popchips and Scallop cakes

Thanks to Jeremiah's Fine Foods and the folks at Popchips, my job was easier! So I threw some scallop cakes on the grill, and some parboiled asparagus marinated in olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Popchips up close

And I emptied the bag of Popchips into a bowl.

California Nectarine

I was soooo excited to see California nectarines in the market just coming into season!

Cherries and nectarines

So for dessert, I put sliced nectarines and bright red cherries into a bowl, naked. The nectarines could have been a tad riper, but we still enjoyed our fresh fruit finale.

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Doug said...

i wish i had a deck - I love dining al fresco.