Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mel's Drive-in

"American Food at its Best".
So pronounces Mel's Drive-in, a long time San Francisco favorite.


It has a cheery interior.


There are mini-jukeboxes at every walled booth.

Caesar Salad

Dad tried the caesar salad, he said it was very fresh.

Half Chicken Salad Sandwich

And the salad was combined with half a chicken salad sandwich for a lunch special. He said it was really a whole sandwich, considering its size with half of an oversized slice.

Old Fashioned Turkey Dinner

I tried the old-fashioned turkey dinner, was standard diner fare, but good - the turkey was quite moist. Mel's also serves breakfast. It was hot here in Marin again, but a few degrees cooler than yesterday!

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Elle said...

i ate at Mel's in SF a few years ago for lunch, somewhere near Union Square. It was fun, crowded, and pretty good diner food. Since I love turkey dinner, I'm envious of your meal. :)