Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Citrus & Spice

Citrus Punch.
Less than two weeks ago Citrus & Spice opened on Fourth Street in San Rafael, billing itself as a Thai and California Eatery. Thai fusion arrives in Marin. Circumstances played out such that I had an opportunity have lunch here on Tuesday. The former Paradise Vegetarian Restaurant, which was utilitarian and a bit worn around the edges has been completely transformed into a light, airy and spacious space with artwork and breezy semi-opaque panels as dining room separation.

Deep Fried Shitake

For an appetizer I tried the deep fried shitake mushrooms, crunchy little treasures!

Grilled salmon & grapefruit salad

And the grilled salmon salad, with fresh grapefruit slices was simply irresistible. Light, with crisp red radish slices and toasted pine nuts, this refreshing combination is a winner. Do try this one at home! But if you are near San Rafael, why bother heating up the grill when this is available for $8? It's great to have a new and delicious choice in serene but spicy surroundings on the Marin scene.


Ellen said...

how did i not know about this new place-sounds great-thanks for the tip

William said...

What a great restaurant! Thanks for tip, Anna! I lived in Thailand seven years. This is one of the best Thai restaurants I've found in the US. Definitely my favorite in the Bay Area. (My recommendation is the "Virgin Pad Thai" and the "Salmon Salad".)

Star said...

this resauraunt is so good1 my newest thai resaurant, it used to be My Thai but they changed ownership and they suck now. Citrus and Spice rocks! although customer service vairies