Saturday, May 05, 2007

Anna's May 5th Fridge

Succumbing to Sam's Refrigerator Challenge. Sam challenged us to take an unedited snap of our refrigerators.. Here's mine.

The items tops shelf from left, backwards to forwards: Amazon Rainforest Fiber in a hidden can in the very back corner, a couple Extra Crispy English Muffins, a bowl of fresh cherries. California sprouted bread, a Japanese Melon Cream Soda, Lychees, Feta Cheese crumbles, Shredded Parmesan, Coconut milk, Activa Peach yogurt, Bragg's Amino Acids, Garlic Ponzu, 2% Milk, a refrigerator crystal for freshness, dried scallops, red hatcho miso, light butter spread.

Meat drawer: Shredded cheeses, smoked salmon, hickory smoked chicken breast slices, inari zushi pockets, konnyaku threads & block, takuwan, Gimme Lean vegan ground 'beef'.

Wine Holders: Organic eggs. (My wine is not visable in the side pockets).

Right lower shelf: Two kinds of refrigerator fresheners (didn't realize I'd collected so many!), tonic water (for prevention of Dad's leg cramps), club soda, soy milk.

Lower shelf from left back to front: Mugi-cha, Contrex water (calcium containing!), Calistoga sparkling water, Perrier water, red raspberry herbal iced tea, organic blueberry/cranberry juice, leftover rice, walnut pieces.

Drawer: Grapefruit and lemons.

Side pocket barely visable: Essential grapefruit oil (I make bath salts and oils with it.)

Admission: I cleaned it out just before going to Chicago and I haven't done any 'real' shopping since!


Sam said...

thank you for taking part! I didn't really expect anyone to do it so it's cool that people are!

do you ever use the grapefruit oil for cooking purposes as well?

Anna Haight said...

I'm afraid to since it wasn't sold as food grade, just for cosmetic or candlemaking purposes. I have used zest of grapefruit on grilled white fish. Thanks for your comment! And your unexpected challenge!

cookiecrumb said...

You have fascinating refrigerator contents.