Saturday, June 02, 2007


Italian Sidewalk.
Poggio is at the base of the Casa Madrona Hotel, and spills out onto the sidewalk, with pretty flower boxes, giving the feel of being at a sidewalk cafe in Italy. I've been here for dinner and breakfast, but this was my first lunch experience. I was greeted and seated promptly, and attentive service followed throughout my brief lunch (I was in a time crunch).

Gnocchi with spinach over beef ragu

I bravely ordered the Spinach Gnocchi, since it's one of the dishes that can be terribly heavy and leaden if not done well. It was described as "pillows" on the menu, and luckily for me, this dish turned out fluffy and delicious. The spinach gnocchi was served over a beef ragu, a kind of stew that had obviously been made with care as there were small bits of carrot and celery in the tomato based sauce. I was quite impressed this experience, they have improved a lot.

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