Thursday, June 21, 2007

Orchid Thai

Pretty and tasty. Here I am in Chicago, blogging about Monday night's dinner with my father at Orchid Thai. (I went to a nice place in Gurnee, IL for dinner I'll blog about after I get home later this week.) The flower boxes and airiness and memory of another good dinner here drew me here after a nearby check in with Jack's Pharmacy.

Being in a veggie mood, Dad requested the Chef's Delight. Well the Chef delighted us too with this light celery, green onion, and tofu and mung bean sprout saute. Very healthy and light.

Jasmine Rice

And I'm always charmed by the Thai aluminum rice serving vessel with fragrant jasmine rice nestled inside.

Larb Gai

I ordered a Larb Gai appetizer as a main course. I always love the light, citrusy flavor of this dish anywhere I've had it. And it was good here too.

Gai Yang

We also had some Gai Yang, barbecued chicken. Usually I've had it served boneless and pounded, and this had the appearance of being a half chicken seasoned and barbecued and cut up. The flavor was excellent. One of my former supervisors from another country used to ask me to find him places that served chicken with bone in, apparently it is 'healthier'. I never realized until I met him how often we serve boneless chicken! He'd love this one on many levels, and it is quite recommendable no matter how you like your chicken.


Kalyn said...

I love this type of food, and it sounds like you're having fun!

Elle said...

Sounds yummy and healthy, too. I love the Thai beautiful serving dishes, too.
Hope your trip is a good one.