Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Venturing out for lunch. In Sausalito again today, I ventured over to Kitti's Place for lunch. My neighbor who is a food writer for a local Marin newspaper recommended this hidden gem to me about a year ago, and this was my second visit. Kitti's Place still doesn't have its own website that I can locate. I think it must not have seen the need because when a place is quite good, word of mouth usually brings the crowds in.

It was a busy lunch time at 12:30, and with such beautiful weather a number of guests enjoyed lunch outside under the big green umbrellas.

Kitti's has a well-rounded menu from sandwiches to more traditional Thai food. I was also impressed with their full page of weekly specials. I ordered off the specials menu. I chose the squash and red pepper soup to start.

The soup was hot and delicious and had an edge of spiciness to it without going overboard.

I enjoyed lamb satay marinated in apricot chutney with saffron rice and a cool crisp salad that had jicima and carrot straws on top. The meat had a well-marinated taste, not just like someone brushed the top while it was grilling. It was threaded on the skewers with zucchini, red pepper and onion as well. If you like lamb, you'll love this dish, but you'll have to hurry as the week ends for this specials grouping on September 23rd.

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