Monday, September 25, 2006

Week Long Celebration of Weekend Herb Blogging. I found doing the herb blogging yesterday as part of an event quite engaging and discovered that next weekend marks the one-year anniversary of the start of Weekend Herb Blogging with Kalyn. Kalyn will be doing a week-long retrospective leading up to the anniversary weekend and is hosting a favorite herb contest. I thought all evening about it, and finally chose dill as my favorite.

I've decided to 'vote early and often' by consciously including dill in my diet and blog repeatedly over this week leading up to the big day on Sunday. If it is my -- favorite -- then I should be able to eat it with abandon all throughout such a short time frame, you think?

After my morning meetings at Marin Professionals, I've returned to catch some lunch before going to volunteer some blood at the Marin Blood Center (of the Pacific) who are desperate enough to contact me for it, even though through all the sticks and pricks over the last 8-odd years they've never been able to draw anything from me. Knowing it is such a need, I'm game again if they are.

Needing to prepare some lovely white, variegated and purple eggplants last evening, I prepared them by salting and leaving in a colander for 30 minutes, rinsing then brushing with nice organic olive oil before grilling on the barby. This set me up perfectly for today's wrap!

Colorful organic eggplant, tomato and dill havarti wrap

In honor of Kalyn's South Beach diet theme, I've used La Tortilla Factory's high fiber/low carb tortillas for the wrapper.

1 tortilla (low carb!)
2 slices grilled eggplant
1 vine-ripened organic tomato slice
1 wedge dill Havarti cheese

Arrange it for eye appeal (it helps fill you up!), then re-arrange for wrapping, do so, and bon appetit!

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