Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chicken Pasta Pomodoro. Tried out a new product -- Kashi's Chicken Pasta Pomodoro for lunch. It claims: Honest Ingredients - True Sustenance - Naturally Flavorful. I've had Kashi's breakfast cereals before and have been favorably impressed. What would the frozen microwaved meal hold in the way of taste? I was pleasantly surprised. The 7-grain pasta that they use holds up well and still has bite to it after cooking, and the zucchini tasted unusually good for previously frozen as well. It was slightly soupy as you can see from the photo, but it's hard not to be a little when the product goes through the freezing/microwaving process. All in all a nice quick lunch with a punch of fiber (6 grams).

I'd like to also note a couple things -- notice the reference to the Iraq War Cost is gone, and a new link added for The Lull Before the Storm. When I started this blog, it was really an experiment, and intended to cover a wide variety of topics, tied in with "new and cool", however, it tended towards a food blog covering Marin County and sometimes San Francisco Bay area, with some travel commentary and musings on daily life. At one point I made a shift to concentrating this blog on those topics, but it really left me no place for other musings. It did seem a little discordant to intersperce posts about dead African babies with brioche 0000! Or techie crunch with the cereal. Soooo.. today was born my alternate blog, The Lull Before the Storm. It will cover 'creeping' issues -- those that fly under the radar or are big ones that started out small... musings, summaries and plausible solutions... It will probably not have the frequency of posting as this one, but I hope it will raise some questions and point to some innovative paths.

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