Sunday, September 24, 2006

Have your bagel and eat it too. Like bagels? Me too, but I don't often indulge as it's hard to justify eating nearly your entire day's carb allowance in one fell swoop. The typical behemoth bagel packs in 363 calories, 70.7 carbs while containing a mere 3.1 grams of fiber. Kinda makes you feel like a troll to start off the day! The Alternative Bagel qualifies as a cool find and delicious way to start the day in that its stats are a more moderate 110 calories, 25 carbs, and a whopping 8 grams of fiber. And they have good mouth-feel too. Another nice way to start the day is with Humble Gourmet products. The Humble Gourmet produces jelly/jam and other preserves which it sells from local farmer's markets and on-line. They use the small-batch method and the flavors are impressive. Pictured is a small jar of their "Pluot" jam, and Peppermint Honey.

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