Sunday, September 03, 2006

A visit to Sonoma. I picked up Dad and we tried a new place on Sonoma Square - Sunflower Caffe. It is not a full service restaurant, but really a casual, but upscale, sandwich and salad place.

There are two doors, one leading to the line to order (left) and one (right) that opens you to the hall where there are seats and into the garden.

Dad and I ordered our sandwiches and chose a seat in the relaxing garden in the back.

Dad enjoyed a vegetarian vegetable sandwich on foccacia. It contained roasted vegetables and hummus. The salad was some crisp, blanched crudites lightly dressed in Italian vinaigrette and arranged on a lettuce leaf. He enjoyed his sandwich.

I chose the roasted pork loin sandwich with carmelized onions on a baguette. It was delicious! The Sunflower Caffe has gourmet touches and the food was good. The garden was quite pleasant, although I think the interior would be a bit too noisy for my taste. There is also a Labor Day barbecue from noon - four p.m. in the garden. The barbecued items looked promising as well, including a lamb burger and grilled oysters.

After lunch, I visited Linda, Yalda & Olivia in Glen Ellen and gave Linda an Excel lesson. We went to Cafe Citti, one of our favorite hang-outs for dinner, and we all enjoyed their lasagna. Coming back, I noted the traffic on 101N was entirely stopped and backed up all the way past my exit near Seminary Drive, to the Richmond Bridge exit and beyond. The Bay Bridge closure is really affecting Marin traffic.

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