Saturday, September 23, 2006

English Caramel Tea. Yesterday morning, Jo-Ann called me as I was signing the check for my breakfast and suggested getting together for tea. I suggested having it at my house as I have a pantry closet with about three shelves full and I wanted to try out my new French Coffee press with loose leaf tea. Besides, it was a beautiful day to sit on the deck and sip. I quickly picked up some apple-cinnamon rugelach at Bell Market in Tiburon to go with the tea, and headed home.

We tried a couple of my blends, but I broke out my favorite to end with, L'Epicier's English Caramel. My host sister Mika introduced me to this in Japan, and it was love at first sip. Although it has a French name, it is a Japanese company that makes it, and recently the company has become "Lupicia". Mika sends me 'care' packages of it, and I hoard it for special occasions. It was lovely.

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