Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day of Rest. I woke up with a low-grade headache and decided to take it easy. Enjoyed the San Rafael Farmer's Market, barely missing Jo-Ann. I arrived later than usual, and in good time for some of the vendors to start discounting. I took advantage of a 5# for $5 special at one booth, netting some beautiful eggplant and tomatoes. I took a photo of some of the eggplant on my deck railing. I can see some grilled eggplant on the barby coming up! I also got three of my knifes sharpened, what a joy! They cut so cleanly through tomatoes now! There is a booth in the corner of the Market, try it, you'll be amazed at how inspiring a sharp blade can be! Still headachy I tried going to my chiropractor, who noted that I was so tight it was hard to adjust me, and might I consider a massage? No further pushing needed, I booked myself into a new place I'd been wanting to try, Mill Valley Massage with Nicole. It is reasonable ($54 for an hour of specialty massage - I like deep tissue), pleasant surroundings and very close to home. I had a great massage, Nicole is highly recommendable. Headache didn't go away immediately, but it was a good start to it sliding away.

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