Sunday, September 17, 2006

Suppenküche for brunch. Usually I wouldn't review a restaurant so close on the heels of the first review, but there is something to add.

Caren called the restaurant in the morning because we were told that they served pretzels during brunch on Sunday. She wanted to check whether they had pretzels today since that is what she and Emil were wishing to have for breakfast. The person answering the phone assured Caren that there were lots of pretzels today and to come on down...

Caren contacted me in case I would like to join and try a tradition in Emil's region of Germany, fresh baked pretzels. I accepted thinking it would be interesting to explore what a German brunch was like as well. So off we went -- and they did have pretzels, however the waitress was rather reluctrant to part with any, and was really stressed to give a second one to Caren -- it was very uncomfortable since Caren had called ahead and was assured that there were LOTS of pretzels. We were naturally charged for the pretzels as well, so I am really amazed at the waitress being so bad humored. She also forgot to put in Caren's order for hot chocolate, which then seemed to take a long time. She was quite inattentive, and would turn her head and dash off before we were finished speaking with her (and we weren't long winded). Such a contrast to the helpful and friendly Daniel who waited on us Friday night.

Caren & Emil ordered Kaiserschmarrn (Emporer's Pancake) with mixed berries. It was a little burnt, but good nevertheless.

While I tried an unlikely combination in the Geröstete Maultaschen mit Zwiebeln, Ei und Gurkensalat (Sauteed German Ravioli scrambled with Eggs and Onions served with a Cucumber Salad). Yes, the spinach and meat filled ravioli were scrambled in half pieces with the egg and onion. Quite good actually. And the cucumber salad with fresh dill and bits of red onion was quite reminiscent of my mother's.

Finally, Caren's hot chocolate came with a smiley face!

While our visit for brunch certainly wasn't as stellar as our Friday night foray, I would still go back to Suppenküche (and avoid a certain waitress).

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