Friday, September 08, 2006

Biscuits my mother would approve. The Madonna Inn really is a unique place. I've discovered it has an equestrian center and is opening a huge pool, tops optional, European Style. Naturally I couldn't check out the famous men's magical waterfall urinal in the men's room. But I did check out the Copper Cafe for breakfast this morning. There is an amazing amount of intricate woodwork and woodcarving in this place, if you appreciate ornate carved wood it's not to be missed.

Also not to be missed is the biscuits. Someone actually knows how to make real biscuits. They were fresh, warm and tender, and served with honey. Awesome! The Copper Cafe also makes an effort to include locally made products on the menu and make note of it, like Linguica or Swiss Sausage as an ingredient choice for their 3-egg omelets. It's true that the Madonna Inn isn't in my taste, but I appreciate that someone made the effort to give the place a personality. It is refreshing in the age of sterile, copy-cat lodgings. You'll also want to check out all the 'pink' themes -- even the bicycle rack is pink!

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