Friday, September 01, 2006

Sweet Ginger. It is nice working in Sausalito. EMU is the perfect setting, and only fifteen minutes by bike from my house. And I have a chance to reaquaint myself with some Sausalito-based eateries. Today I ventured to the crossroads of Caledonia and Litho for some oyako-don at Sweet Ginger.

I note the crossroads as the foliage has half-obscured the sign outside, and it could be missed.

The restaurant itself is bright and cheery and not having very much in the way of sound-absorbing materials, can occasionally get a little clattery.

The proprietors are quite friendly and prompt with greetings, orders and bringing out the food. This is especially welcomed when trying to get a number of things squeezed into a short lunch hour.

I was given a starter of some well-flavored miso soup, which was a very pleasant surprise as many restaurants do not make this pairing without a special order. The oyako-don had a bit of an individual flair as thin ribbons of carrot were included in the dish, which is not traditional. It added nicely without making the dish too soupy. (Restaurants innovating with this dish at other establishments sometimes get carried away with the watery veggies, making the oyako occur more as jook.) The only flaw in this dish was that the rice was ever-so-slightly undercooked. Just enough to lend a little discordance to the eating, but still edible.

I've been to Sweet Ginger a number of times in the past and have had consistenly good experiences. Their salmon over garlic soba and sprouts is a particular favorite of mine.

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