Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cat N' Fiddle. The weather in Sausalito today was outstanding. I took a walk along Sausalito's waterfront and decided to enjoy the Cat N' Fiddle for lunch. I've lived in Marin 9 years, and have never been to it, mostly because friends labeled it 'mediocre'. However, there's nothing like seeing for yourself, and often things change.

First, the photo at the left is what you normally see from the road but when you go around to the front entrance, shoreside, it gets colorful!

Your eye is so caught by the bright red that it takes you a minute to realize that the true entrance is actually a little further down the sidewalk.

Walking up to the second floor and entering the bar and dining area, you'll see it's filled with sea-theme memorabilia and old pictures covering the wall. There is a cat and fiddle against one side of the bar wall. The proprietor is very friendly and seats you promptly. Water and bread is brought out instantly. There is old music, like my Dad would enjoy, playing in the background. Looking around it looks like the lunch crowd is close to that vintage as well. I'm the youngest there.

The view is fabulous outside the window - the bird in the corner is wooden. The two menus are handed me, one the standard laminated one, and one a photocopy of a full page of handwritten specials, thick with description, and the writing has flourishes. The specials certainly are described best!

My order is taken promptly (from the handwritten menu naturally) and soon comes my cold Indonesian noodle salad at $17.00. Very nicely composed, very fresh. The only fault I had with it is the 'spicy' dressing wasn't, and the dressing was a bit heavy on the olive oil side. I left some of the lower spinach leaves which were over saturated, and there was a visible green virgin olive oil pool left behind. It seemed a little pricey for the surroundings, but then, the view was worth a few extra dollars.

It looks like it may be a fabulous place for appetizers and drinks sometime. I'll try it again.

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