Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Day of Surprises. A little before noon a good friend of mine, Bishara, called and checked if I was in town and surprised me with the news that he was here too, staying at the Four Seasons, and would I like to have lunch? Naturally, I jumped at the chance to see an old friend who lives out-of-state and travels far and wide. Bishara favors ethic and hot food, so I introduced him to "King of Thai Noodles" on Geary. It's not fancy, and no appetizers, but consistently good (that's why there seems to always be a line), and Bishara was impressed with the array of 'hot' condiments on a tray at every table. It was nice catching up. I spent a little time at the Sports Club LA (since I parked my car there, why not?), and returned home. Not long after I had my second surprise, a quick e-mail query from Carl about having dinner -- from the club! Just missed him. We decided to meet in the Marina, and had a nice catch up dinner at a crepe house (I'll have to revise this when I remember the name!). I enjoyed their inventive Chinese Chicken Salad. I thought I'd put a shot of the evening sky at my place on this entry, I never tire of the light playing on the water at different times of day.

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