Friday, September 22, 2006

Breakfast at the New Morning Cafe. Having spent far too much time indoors and at the computer lately, I decided to go to one of my favorite towns, Tiburon, for breakfast and enjoy the beautiful weather. It really is a beautiful day in Marin. Sitting by a window, with the sun streaming in, I was pleasantly surprised by a nice choice of tea. The New Morning Cafe stocks several varieties of Twinings Tea, and serves it in a real teapot. That is an advance on most places, an improvement would be having loose tea with proper pre-warmed pot and cup which sends me over the top with delight. I chose Earl Grey.

My mother loved Corned Beef Hash and made it fresh for weekend breakfasts when I was a child, so I ordered the freshly made Corned Beef Hash and Eggs from the menu. It was made from scratch and very good. The chef cooked the eggs just right as well.

It was really funny that after starting a new blog that deals with issues of the day (The Lull Before the Storm), I overheard quite the political conversation in the restaurant. I chronicled my experience of that on the other site.

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