Wednesday, September 06, 2006

O Water. A cool find indeed at Molly Stone's! It was on sale too for $1 a bottle which had to have influenced my purchase. O Water has several flavors with just a blush of fruit taste. Very refreshing!

I picked up both peach and lemon/lime flavors.

There are a couple other drinks in this class of barely flavored, non-sugared beverages that I also enjoy:

Metromint and Hint - both of these hail from San Francisco, while O Water is located in Massachusetts.

I have a personal preference for the local these days, especially after seeing a graphic of how much oil it takes to ship bottled water in proportion to the water bottle.

See "Bottled Water = Oil". Although I have a water filter, I still find that I consume more water if it has just a slight flavor. And who doesn't need to drink more water? I especially like the brisk refreshing taste of Metromint. I image fresh mint leaves scrubbing my cells as it flows through my body.

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