Saturday, September 02, 2006

Night at the Improv. After trying the new Pizza Antica at Strawberry Village with a friend, and a puttering around the house kind of day, I joined Daniel & Kit at the Improv at Fort Mason.

As for Pizza Antica, silly me forgot to bring my camera to the restaurant, but Sachiko and I enjoyed sharing a chopped salad and pizza with sausage, portabello mushrooms and grilled onion. Slow service, but good food, and a nice touch to leave a carafe of water at the table.

Daniel has been taking improv lessons from BATS Improv and has been inviting me to come for awhile, so tonight was the night to accept. It was enjoyable with a lot of audience participation -- they had a sonnet writing contest during intermission. It was done in the style of Shakespeare, which is a tough choice to maintain. Well done, but I think I would have preferred a different style. Will have to try again!

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