Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sausalito Bakery & Cafe

Sparkling lunch.
I enjoyed lunch at Sausalito Bakery & Cafe, on the north end of Bridgeway in Sausalito. The water in the harbor was sparkling as I walked along the sidewalk to my destination. Once inside, what was striking was how sparkling this place was as well. The display cases weren't crowded with food the way many delis are, but rather the food was artfully displayed and the freshness glistened right through the cases. The staff was friendly and the cleanliness of the establishment was striking.

Hot Turkey & Bacon Sandwich

I enjoyed a hot turkey and bacon sandwich on sour dough. And enjoyed is a good word here since it was warm, fresh and delicious. I even had a choice of grilled onions, not just raw! Another customer came in just for the vegetarian sandwich as well, stating it was the best one he'd ever had. I also noticed that breakfast items are served here as well.


Kalyn said...

Anna, glad to see you have solved your computer problems, and must be feeling better!

Anna Haight said...

If bacteria is at the base of what ails you, then antibiotics are wonder drugs! Yes, I'm feeling better, and computer is mostly back. Hope you are fully recovered from the personal drought!

Elle said...

Anna, what a grat find. I never know where to go eat when I'm in Sausalito. This place sounds wonderful. Glad you and the computer are both better.

A True Native said...

Just an FYI---the Sausalito Bakery& Deli is on the South end of Sausalito, not north end. The south end is going towards SF and the north end is going in the direction of the rest of Marin County.

Other good eats in Sausalito: Avatar's (indian restaurant--north end of Sausalito)

The Lighthouse Restaurant (great breakfasts!!!!)

Paradise Bay (The Crab/Avocado Melt is yummy and it is served with sweet potato fries and a salad!!!)

Tommy Wok's (extremely fresh Chinese food---excellent veggies and they offer brown rice subsitutions)

Cafe Trieste!!

Almost anything on Caledonia Street you can't go wrong---you just have to get away from the tourist end of Sausalito (the south end)!! It isn't a far walk.