Saturday, February 24, 2007

Boursin Stuffed Peppadews

Quick and colorful appetizer.
Slightly sweet and slightly hot pickled bright red piquanté peppers aka Peppadews(tm) are from South Africa, but can be found on salad bars or olive counters at many grocers. A chef friend of mine told me of this unique appetizer, and I finally gathered the ingredients together to make it. It is chock full of vitamin C - 1/3 cup provides 100%! Here is the nutritional profile.

And you've probably guessed it, this is my entry into this week's . Kalyn over at Kalyn's Kitchen (where the great South Beach Diet recipes and tips are) began this venture over a year ago, and this week I'm the host. My recipe is Boursin Stuffed Peppadews(tm), but I've also pictured some Chavrie herbed goat cheese in the ingredients photo, as that would also be a great stuffing for these little beauties. Yes, I propped them up on my yoga block so you could see the peppas better.


Boursin Stuffed Peppadews(tm)

12 Peppadews(tm) - or sweet red piquanté peppers
2.6 oz (half a carton) of Boursin herbed cheese

Stuff the drained peppadews with the cheese using a small knife, or for a more finished look, a pastry bag. Arrange artistically on your dish. Voila! You are ready to impress. If you doubled the amount of peppadews(tm), you would of course use all the cheese, but it would make too many for just Dad and I.

If you are wondering what we had after this appetizer, although I didn't picture it, imagine a black shiny plate topped with a tofu, pinto bean and white cheddar tamale, parsnips simmered in chicken stock, and half a fresh tomato with an olive oil and fresh herb dressing, followed with a smaller Japanese pink flowered and lacquered plate with a half slice of German Chocolate cake as a triangle in the center.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I post the round up of imaginative Weekend Herb Blogging from around the world. Keep those posts rolling in to me until
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Temple of Thought said...

Just seeing your pics generally makes me want to cry! Everything looks sooo good.

Kalyn said...

This sounds fabulous, and it's something I've heard about but haven't tried. I think the olive bar at my grocery store has peppers like this; I'll have to check!

Maheswari said...

Now that's an easy and yet delicious appetizer.I have seen this peppers before, let me give it a try next time.

Greg said...

I've purchased those peppers at the local olive bar but no one knew their name. Thanks for the info. They sure are tasty.

Anna Haight said...

Temple: If you lived closer, I'd invite you over for a meal as I notice you are a student earnestly giving life your best!

Others: Enjoy! They really are an unusual taste sensation. And thanks for your comments.

Elle said...

Anna, the peppers are cute, but the meal following sounds devine. Mmmmm.

Susan said...

Ooh, I love peppadews! My family in RI buys them from an Italian deli and serves them in antipasto. I love your appetizer--it's so colorful and delicious. I'll be making this one!

Freya said...

These look so good! I love boursin and I love pepperdew! I think I could pop those like sweets!
Thanks for hosting this weekend!

Joyce said...

Oh, Peppadews - my latest craving craze and now you've topped that by stuffing them with one of my favorite cheeses!

Gattina said...

great starter that can be done in a jiffy! I love that cheeses!

Helene said...

Thanks for your fabulous round up. And thanks a lot for this yummy starter. I wanted to do this myself, but couldn´t think how to do. :))

RIP Posts said...

Looks delicious!!