Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Out again in Sausalito. First, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Yesterday, I had my first 'meal' at Saylor's Landing after my bout with a bug on Monday. I have been here before, taking my Nebraskan cousins here a couple of years ago who loved it. I had not tried lunch yet, and was pleased to notice that it was open for lunch when passing on my way to Fish the other day.

Tortilla Lime Chicken Salad

I thoroughly enjoyed a tortilla lime chicken salad. It has freshly grilled chicken breast on top of a nicely dressed salad with a lime kick. The waiter was very pleasant, and the sun had come out, filling the interior with light through their well-placed windows. Some people had chosen to soak in the sun on the deck outside. Definitely will remember to come back here for lunch again.

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Elle said...

Hi Anna,

Glad you are back to eating and enjoying food. That salad looks delish. See 'ya soon.