Sunday, February 04, 2007

Recovering. I've been taking it easy on the one hand, recovering from the 'itis', watching the little boat above meander around the bay in front of my deck. The horse pill antibiotics have kicked in and I feel nearly normal. On the other hand, I've been madly trying to recover data from the havoc the virus attacking my computer caused. I thought I did a decent job backing up -- but no, most of year's e-mail, my entire calendar and contact list are vapor. If you are reading this and have sent me something important -- please resend me at anna AT annalou DOT com.

Yesterday I enjoyed surprising a friend, Emil for his birthday at Sushi 69 with 9 of his other friends and fiance. The sushi was impressive, and I was excited to see the new menu as I heard it is somewhat different than Akira's. It didn't disappoint in having some intriguing new tastes as well as some of the known hits. I also enjoyed pizza at Pizza Antica with Paul today, it is close and good. Never thought I'd see the day when I'd be recommending anyone to purchase a Mac, but I talked Paul out of the Dell and into a MacBook Pro. I really have loved mine. Will be back on the restaurant and cool new product prowl soon. Thanks for your patience!

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