Friday, February 09, 2007

Table Cafe

Is Table as good as Tabla?
Dad and I had an early dinner at the newly renamed Table Cafe in Larkspur. Has to be early there as it closes at 7 p.m. A New York restaurant also named Tabla challenged the name on this local place, and so with a quick switch of a vowel, it has become Table Cafe. I have been here any number of times, and mentioned it in this blog on June 24, 2005, and reviewed it quickly with photo on September 10, 2005, so I thought it high time for an update. Table Cafe also serves brunch on Saturdays for those who enjoy the weekend brunch scene. It also has a couple take-out options available each day too. The menu is seasonal and very fresh. Table Cafe uses only organic foods, and its produce is all organic local and sustainably grown. Good for you and good for the planet.

Squash Soup

Dad had carrot apple and ginger juice with his Butternut Squash-Orange soup with mint garnish. What an antioxidant boost! And he said it was delicious.

White Bean Soup

I started with a ginger spritzer with lemonade and tried the White Bean and Sage Soup with cabbage and carrots. That was delicious as well.

Big Dosai

Dad was startled by the size of the dosai that was set in front of him!

Turkey Dosai w/Pear Chutney

Dad's dosai was the Roasted Turkey Breast with avocado and balsalmic roasted onions and arugula. He chose the pear chutney on the side. He enjoyed it, but couldn't finish it as it was quite a bit of food.

Dungeness Crab Dosai w/Avacado Chutney

I tried a special off the blackboard - Crab Dosa. It consisted of fresh Dungeness, cilantro aoli and mizuna greens. The crab was so fresh and light and blended well with the other ingredients. I had avocado chutney on the side.

Not being able to eat any more, but not wanting to pass up their previously experienced dense Scharffen Berger chocolate brownies, we took a couple to go and enjoy with a movie later on. Yes, Table is as good as Tabla, and still a wonderful place for a casual, yet gourmet food experience.


sra said...

I didn't realise how fusion it could get till I read the dosa bits on this post! But actually, I did hear of a chocolate dosa some chef made recently, still wondering whether to hate the idea or love it!

cookiecrumb said...

I can't believe they got bullied into changing their name! Tabla in NY should be much more secure in its own identity than that. Shame. Danny Meyer is more of a ninny than he wants to believe.
Glad it's still nice. Larkspur, that is.