Sunday, February 18, 2007

La Dolce V

Blogging friend comes alive off the page. I had a wonderful visit and it was the first time ever to meet another food blogger Saturday afternoon, and I couldn't have started with a better person than Elle of Feeding My Enthusiasms. She wrote about her impressions yesterday, and here are mine. We met at La Dolce V in Sebastopol upon her recommendation. It has recently relocated to downtown Sebastopol, and is cute and offers a luxurious chocolate experience.

Bliss Bar and Brownie

I tried a "Bliss Bar" and waited for

French Chocolate

my French hot chocolate, which quickly followed. The French hot chocolate was divine, the most thick with rich mouth-feel that I've ever had. Elle and I found a surprising number of things in common, from her daughter living in Seattle (my home turf) now, to my having lived a few years in Falls Church, Virginia where she grew up. We had more than we could fill in an afternoon to talk about, and we're planning to meet again, next in Marin for an encore in March. I'm looking forward to it.


laurent said...

I'm always amazed to see how the passion of cooking mixed with blogging can end with meeting new person who share the same passion as you. We ve made this few time in europe too with french food blogs and lot of friendship and strong connexion have born.

Anna Haight said...


Merci pour visiter mon blog. le Blog-appétit semble beau, je l'essayera dehors! La Belgique s'avère justement être l'un de mes endroits préférés dans le monde.

About 10 years ago, I had one of my best adventures traveling Europe meeting Internet friends in several cities, many of who remain my close associates today.

Elle said...

Truly a delight to meet you. I like your photos better than mine and you really have a knack to reviewing, too. Look forward to Marin in March and continued friendship.

Anna Haight said...

Elle, Likewise and I look forward to some more blogging adventures together as well! Thanks for your friendship!