Friday, December 22, 2006

Sartaj India Cafe

Refreshing breakfast.
How many Indian restaurants do you know that are open for breakfast? Sartaj India Cafe is the first I've seen. The photos of breakfast on their walls had my curiosity aroused for some time, and I finally succumbed. So off Dad & I headed to Sausalito early one morning to find that others are quite enthused about the breakfast at Sartaj, people who looked quite local. It was a full house!

Indian Egg Croissant

Dad tried the Indian Croissant, which was a herb scrambled egg with bacon stuffed croissant. He liked it so well that said he wanted to come back for this one again.

Spicy Indian Omelet

I ventured to try the Spicy Indian Omelet. It is a flat crepe-like egg concoction with green herbs, fresh tomatoes, onions and Indian spices embedded in the mix. It was just a bit spicy, enough to wake up your taste buds and appreciate the fresh taste. It is slightly browned on the bottom, and soft on the top. It was topped with some crispy bacon and served with whole wheat toast. I really liked having something so original and significantly different from the breakfast norm.

I also noticed primer on the inside walls, so it looks like they are going to do some painting and freshing up the interior. I will look forward to the results.

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old man neill said...

oh thanks a lot. now i'm starving!