Friday, December 08, 2006


Soul in Mill Valley. I've been curious about a sign seen peeking out on a strip of small businesses near Tam Junction "Cafe del Soul", and decided to try it out Wednesday evening. Although the sign hanging over the door looks temporary, the cafe has been in business a couple years already. Unfortunately it was just too dark to take an outside shot, but the above shows its warm yet airy, and casual interior.

To begin with everything is organic, and although vegetarian there is an option for chicken in some dishes.


The nachos were fresh and tasty.

Limey Rice

The "Cilantro Lime Lovely" rice dish was quite good as well, made with brown rice and tofu.. took 90% of this home for another meal. The smoothies looked magnificent, and the whole place had a fresh, clean, wholesome air. I'll be back with some friends.

4 comments: said...


maybe yo'll like some portuguese fastfood??

check it out .. here, if you can read german :D

Anonymous said...

mmmmm that looks so good!

Dan from

Satan said...

i speak a little spanish

that means cafe of the soul

speaking of souls how would you like to challenge me to a fiddle playing contest for yours

just a thought

Anna Haight said...

MyPorche: I'm sure portuguese fast food would be interesting, will take a look at your blog. Google Translate is great for getting overviews of pages you can't normally understand.

Dan: Glad you enjoyed it!

Satan: I don't play fiddle, so not having a chance, will pass on the contest.