Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Signature Thai

Another great Thai place.
Daniel & Kit took me to Signature Thai for my birthday, and we were just having too much fun to photograph the food. When I was taking my shoes off to go to the raised platform area for authentic and quaint seating, a man leaned over to me and said that he lived in Thailand and this was the best Thai around, and very authentic. The food that evening was so memorable, when I asked Dad what he'd like for lunch, he said he wanted to go back a few days later. So we visited and enjoyed their lunch plates.


They serve a savory bullion as a house soup to start. It was nice, but it does have a salt taste.

Oriental Plate

Dad tried the Oriental Plate, which had prawns and diced chicken sauteed with vegetables. He said it was perfectly balanced and sized just right for him.

Pad Thai Combo

I had the Pad Thai Combo, which consisted of a Siamese Roll, Chicken Satay and Pad Thai. All the elements were good. The Pad Thai was glossy and the noodles didn't stick together the way some Pad Thai's do. The other night we also had Eggplant Delight, Garlic Prawns and BBQ Chicken, and Fried Banana with Coconut Ice Cream (with birthday candle :-)) all of which were delicious.


Tom Bailey said...

This looks great. These places should be paying you for this. You do an excellent job.

Anna Haight said...

Thank Tom, this is just fun for me. But who knows? Maybe someday I'll be 'discovered' and quit my day job for more creative pursuits ;-)