Saturday, December 30, 2006


Floating Boats at Lunch.
I revisited Tenkyu with my father after a long hiatus. This visit showed the establishment as much improved. We came at the very end of the lunch period, so the little floating boats usually bearing sushi were empty.

Miso & Edamame

There were some plates of edamame circulating which we grabbed for an appetizer, enjoying with the promptly served and hot miso soup.


And about that time, out bounded (no kidding - bounded!) a very cheerful second sushi chef who was charming and wanted to make sure we were happy, so I couldn't resist ordering some maguro, my favorite sushi. I think he must have been an owner. The maguro was very fresh and had a clean smooth finish. It was rather thinly cut, but longer than typical sushi slices, so the portion was probably about the same as most places. It also suffered from the 'too much rice' syndrome, but most Japanese restaurants in the U.S. suffer from the same.. I guess Americans need that feel of 'large' portions in general.

chicken teriyaki

Dad enjoyed a lunch bento box with chicken teriyaki, gyoza and California roll. Once he got a fork - he was happy as a clam with the food. I did have to quickly stop his arm as he forgot that the green mound was wasabi and was bringing the whole pile directly to his mouth. A bad surprise averted!

beef teriyaki

I enjoyed a bento box as well, with beef teriyaki, tempura and california roll. The beef was a bit tough, and the sauce appeared to be added on at the end rather than the meat marinated (which also caused it to be a bit cool). The tempura was good and California roll tasted quite fresh. This is a place with a nice atmosphere, friendly and prompt service but the food is still a little uneven. It is also reasonably priced and not far from The Rafael theater that shows great artistic and independent films.

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried there tempura ice cream? It's to die for. The only thing I really like there.