Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sunny day shopping in Tiburon. Surprised that I hadn't blogged about it yet, my friend and neighbor Jerrie suggested I try Rooney's Cafe & Grill in Tiburon, especially either the Curried Chicken Salad, or Stacked Crab Salad. Jerrie and I occasionally enjoy dinners out together, and I knew I could trust her judgement. I had been to Rooney's once before, a couple years ago when Paul convinced me to take a bicycle ride from my place to Tiburon. It was a glorious day, and I recalled Rooney's as being quite pleasant, althought I think I ordered something rather boring (like a clubhouse sandwich). It helps to have the inside track on the menu!

I started with a cup of their Split-pea Soup. It was great! Sometimes spilt-pea soup can be rather sludgy, but this one was light, fresh and there were distinguishable bits of carrot and celery in the soup as well. The fresh warm bread served with it is also worth comment. They were serving bread baskets with a soft whole wheat bread, and a firmer crusted white.

Since I'd had crab on Sunday, I decided to order the Curried Chicken Salad. Fantastic choice! Not only was the chicken curry layer delightful with walnut pieces, grapes and fresh apples mixed in, it was topped with a cornicopia of fresh fruits. I recall persimmon, kiwi, pomegranate seeds, raspberries, blueberries, mango, strawberries, banana slices, watermelon, an orange slice, covered with a bit of cutney and sprinkled with coconut. Jerrie was also right that it is such a generous portion that I had to take some home. I overheard my waitress informing the next table over that they will be closed for the holidays after next week, reopening December 29th.

Since it was such a lovely day, and the streets of Tiburon were all decked out in holiday finery, I decided to take a little stroll and pick up a replacement candle at Baobab's on the historic Ark Row. A portion of Baobab's proceeds go to ArtPeace, a charitable organization which benefits young artists in Zimbabwe. (If you are interested in making your gift dollars help others, for even more direct assistance for Africans, you might check out Global Partners for Development's Gift Catalog - with some 'wilder' choices!) While strolling, I also noted that there is a box on the side of one of the stores with a map and information about a "Walking Guide to Historic Tiburon", a 5o-minute stroll. It looks like fun! If you have relatives coming for the holidays who have done the rounds of San Francisco, this would be a pleasant morning or afternoon place to dally and shop. It's easily accessible from San Francisco by ferry using the Blue and Gold Fleet as well.


aline__m said...

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Rox o seu site!!!

Kalyn said...

Yeah! I am leaving a comment. This is on my work computer in IE, so I hope I can do it at home too.

I am crazy about split pea soup! I've only been to Tiburon once, but I loved it.

CwazyLawa said...

My gosh that looks SOOOOO delicious! Might have to try it out!

Michael-From-The-Future said...

What an interesting site!

The food looks DELICIOUS! So much in fact that I'm off to fix something to snack on now ; )

Nice images & articles Anna *

Nocturne(神秘园) said...

After looking these pictures,I feel
Your blog is very beautiful.

Andrea Gerak said...

Wow, I just had lunch now but I think I could have a little bit of this salad, looks fantastic!

paillange said...

I also have already eaten but am licking my lips>Thinks it is very true about your state of mind when cooking...and I find if my equilibrium is out I dont cook at all. Lovely site - wish it was edible