Saturday, December 23, 2006


My kitchen.
Ilva over at Lucullian Delights challenged the food blog community to fess up and post photos of their kitchens, admitting that her kitchen is messy. Well, mine is usually too, but events had it be otherwise. You see, when it rains in Marin, the ants head for higher ground, and since my condo is on the second floor, they climbed right up here. I came home to find a whole ant army marching around the counter and cupboard edges in a very organized constant stream! Eek! Time for battle! So I tried peppermint essential oil, making coordinated dive bombing attacks with precision (or not) droplets of the concentrated essence in the strategic places along the columns. Every ant it hit was a casualty. However, this seemed to be a labor intensive endeavor to drop a drop of it on EVERY ant... hmmm... time to go out and get some other non-toxic stuff. So I picked up some Orange Guard. It was much more effective, spraying a wide spray of the orange essence infused spray. Satisfied I'd gotten all the ants, and cleaned away the remains, I went off for other endeavors.


A few hours later, I came back to find an army as big as the original! Well, at least my kitchen smelled really quite good, the scent of peppermint and orange hit you as soon as you opened the outside door to the condo. I decided it was time to contact Jerrie, my neighbor, to check if she's had any. We often coordinate on these things as the ants tend to run from unit to unit. After a few back and forth e-mail and a conversation, since it was just before the holidays I decided to call in the heavy artillery, and because they hadn't shown up at Jerrie's we wanted to head them off at the pass. So a very affable pest control person showed up and used some non-toxic spray to end the war once and for all (or at least for the season I hope). The ants are gone! And the side benefit since I had to clear all my counters is a clearer than normal kitchen space. So, it was easy for me to enter my photos via this post into Ilva's challenge. You can see that I put some of the counter items in the bread rising bowl on top of the bookshelf in the background above. (Yes, I have a bookshelf absolutely full of nothing but cookbooks by my kitchen!)

Pluot Jam

As long as I'm blogging again this morning, thought I'd share about a lovely jam - Pluot - and a company that makes a line of great jams and jellies - The Humble Gourmet. Everything I've purchased from them is stellar. I usually pick up my supplies at a Farmer's Market, but they also sell on-line.

Pluot jam on waffles

Dad and I opened a new jar and used it on some frozen waffles I toasted for breakfast this morning. Have a Merry last day before Christmas Eve!! (I have to decide on a menu for Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow and shop).


ilva said...

Wow, I wish I had an ant army around here, I actually do have ants in the summer but they are so small that you hardly see them and we are so used to each other that all I do is to find their entrance/exit and put some silicone over it. And they just find a new entry/exit and we go on like this all summer long! But now they are sleeping... Thanks for participating, I didn't really expect people to joins so this was a great surprise! And in this way I have discovered your blog that I immediately put into my rss reader! I love the way your kitchen shines and it looks really neat!

Anna Haight said...

Hi Ilva, I discovered and have enjoyed your blog since some time ago through Weekend Herb Blogging which I sometimes participate in. Your photos are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what others kitchen's are looking like at your blog.

Sally said...

Hi Anna - I envy you your tile countertop! Your kitchen looks very organized. I too followed Ilva here and am planning on shooting my kitchen. Neat idea, huh? Nice blog you got here. Have a Merry Christmas!

Kristen said...

You do have such a nice, clean, organized kitchen. You do a lot of great things in this space!

Tanna said...

I'm sorry it took an army of ants but I'm really glad to have seen your kitchen.

Kalyn said...

Your kitchen looks just lovely. So clean too, thanks to the ants.

Anna Haight said...

Thanks all! The ants were definitely a blessing in disguise as I've managed not to clutter up my counters too much since. I'm enjoying seeing all the kitchen's in Ilva's round up!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

Ants may be welcome at a picnic...not in a kitchen. Here we have the horrible fire ants, definitely don't want them in the kitchen.
Thanks for the tour!

anna maria said...

Hi Anna,
I live in San Francisco, and I had an ant invasion about 2 weeks ago - in the cupboards, dishwasher, up and down cabinets, across counters. Bone meal works pretty well, if you don't mind bone meal strewn everywhere. Baking soda works some, but not as well.
They're still here and there, but just scattered.
Great of you to participate in Ilva's kitchen round-up.

coffeepot said...

I love the white and black. It looks so clean to me.

Love your kitchen.