Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas season in Sausalito

Ship ahoy!
Sausalito is decked out in all its finery for Christmas. Even the elephant statues have been wreathed. Since I needed to get some ingredients for Christmas Eve dinner I'm hosting, we went to Sausalito, so Dad and I had lunch in downtown at Winship Restaurant.


Winship is open for breakfast and lunch only, and is a quick walk around the corner from the ferry terminal.

Winship Interior

Inside it is designed like a ship -- you can see the captain's wheelhouse in front and center.

Tortise shell lamp

It has nautical memorabilia all over -- and tortoise shell lampshades!

Chicken Burrito

Unfortunately, the food was rather touristy and the service uneven. (Friendly when there, but absent for long periods.) Dad had the chicken burrito with salad. He felt it rather so-so, but enjoyed the salad.

Crab melt

I enjoyed the crab melt; positive points for including a large portion of fresh tasty salad and a small portion of fries as the standard with the sandwich.

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cookiecrumb said...

Wreaths on the elephants!!
Too cool.