Sunday, December 17, 2006


Rustic Indeed.
Dad and I tried an Italian place I'd been eyeing for dinner. Rustico is on Caledonia Street, and I regularly pass it on my walk to get my veggie stew fix at Sartaj India Cafe. We were greeted promptly and with classic Italian friendliness. The menu reflected not only a classic Italian menu, but a variety of small plates for sharing. There is music every night, so I noted that this may be a great place to come back with some girlfriends to hang out and relax to the smooth jazz over drinks and bites.

Caesar Salad

Dad and I shared a Caesar Salad to start. Nicely dressed, cool and crisp. Would have been nice if we were given plates (we had to use our bread plate, which we had bread on.), and it would have been nice if the bread had been served with either olive oil or butter, without our needing to request something for the bread long after it was served. Butter was brought out promptly upon request.

Vegetarian Lasagne

Dad felt in the mood for the Lasagna Vegeteriana, Vegetarian Lasagna with smoked mozzarella, roasted tomato and eggplant. It was the smallest portion of lasagna that I'd ever seen served at a restaurant. I guess that's what is meant by small plates. But it was perfect for Dad who doesn't like oversized portions.

Scallops and Fettucine in Saffron Sauce

I felt in the seafood mood, so ordered Capesante allo Zafferano, jumbo scallops over homemade fettuccine with saffron sauce. The fettuccine was awesome, as was the saffron sauce, however the scallops were definitely off-tasting.

Jazz Band

While we were waiting for dessert, the jazz duo started up. The featured artists, "Alex Kallao", played Piano Ballads of Gershwin and Cole Porter with guitar and bass. We were across the room, so the photo is a bit dark.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Dad ordered the Chocolate Mousse Cake, which he enjoyed to the last bite.

Banana, ladyfingers & marscapone

I ordered a variation of tiramisu -- lady fingers with bananas and marscapone. What I couldn't finish, Dad did. It was good as well, but the presentation could have been a little cleaner as it looked rather messy on the plate. This place has lots of potential if it can improve its uneven food. It is also my first visit, so it could have been an off-night.

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