Wednesday, December 20, 2006

wolf house holidays

Birthday in Glen Ellen.
As I mentioned, I went with friends Linda, Yalda & Olivia and Dad to Wolf House for celebrating my birthday yesterday. It was decked in it's best holiday finery.


We were seated by a crackling fire.

beet salad

Linda started with a special salad which included the magic word "beet". Linda loves beets, and loved this salad. What a beautiful presentation!

pear salad

I had an endive salad with Bosc Pears, Pt. Reyes Blue Cheese and fig compote. It was crisp and delicious. So inventive! I understand there is a new chef in the kitchen, Christopher Aiken.


Linda, Dad & I all ordered the chicken breast with savory bread pudding and rainbow chard. It was heavenly. The skin was crispy and the meat tender, moist and flavorful.

Olivia sings

We scrambled to get to Olivia's Christmas Pagent at St. Leo's. She was a cute angel singing sweetly. What could be better than having an angel sing happy birthday to you?


kareny said...

happy birthday Anna! We must celebrate next time we see you. Michael doesn't keep track of birthdays.
I enjoy reading your blog daily. Nice photos!!
Again, Happy Birthday Anna!


Anna Haight said...

Thank you Karen! It was good to get to know you better at our holiday party -- and glad you are enjoying the blog. I'm having fun with the new camera!