Saturday, October 28, 2006

Swedish Sunshine. Today Dad and I ventured over to Tiburon to enjoy breakfast at Sweden House Bakery & Cafe. It's an old favorite, but had been fraught with such service problems that I hadn't been there in awhile. It is a very casual dining place, wooden tables aside the display cabinets full of the most luscious Swedish pastries and cakes. There is a narrow aisle between the cases and tables going all the way back to the door out to the deck. The deck is usually filled first as it is pleasant and has a nice view of the harbor. The waiters have to squeeze past people up and down the narrow aisle, which I think has been part of the service issue. However, today service was friendly and prompt. Which encourages me to go back again soon.

I enjoyed Gordon's special, which is basically an egg, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a flaky fresh croissant. It was accompanied by a few slices of crisp cucumber. It was quite good, as usual.

Dad went all out and had the Swedish pancakes, and ordered a scrambled egg on the side (not pictured). Each pancake had a berry filling - marionberry, blueberry and lingonberry preserves. Fresh bananas, cantaloupe and pineapple adorned the top, along with some creme fraiche. Dad tested and approved! (and every last drop was gone). Definitely a lovely place to have a casual breakfast.

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