Monday, October 16, 2006

Soup musings. There's nothing like soup when you've come down with a cold. Yep, like other food bloggers I've recently noticed who've taken ill (Vasilia at Where's My Dinner?, Catherine at Albion Cooks, and Sher at What Did You Eat?) , I've gotten a nasty cold and don't feel much like the usual. Like them, what sounds good is soup! But my bug had me down all weekend, and I didn't even feel like cooking soup -- ordered delivery from a local Chinese restaurant and nibbled. Today I feel a little better, but still not up to cooking or going out... so today I will post a compilation of soups sites for your reading enjoyment.

Naturally, Wikipedia has a great write up of soup and its history. Soup of the Evening is witty with much research and some interesting variations on a theme. Then there is a Soup comic strip. And ever wondered what the origin of the phrase 'soup to nuts' was? Miso soup (pictured above) is a wonderful natural remedy. And finally, some interesting information on why chicken soup is so good to heal colds!


vasilisa said...

Nothing beats a soup during a cold! And yours looks positively steamy :-)

Catherine said...

Hey Anna,

Thanks for the mention. Soup is good food!