Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More of an adventure than I expected. I dropped by Thai Terrace for lunch, a place easy to miss as it is in one of those wooden structures in Sausalito where you walk up some curving steps to enter into a little tucked away isle of shops. Very pleasant place, but not obvious to the street.

The proprietors were very friendly and the space had a nice bright airy atmosphere. It's obviously loved by some locals, since two people came in and as they walked through the door, smiled and ordered 'the usual please'. I started with some Siam Prawns. Perfectly cooked, juicy and plump! These were a delicious appetizer. The only starting glitch was that I needed to remind the waiter for my Thai Iced Tea after the appetizer was served.

My entree was Kai Kur Rice Noodles. Here's were the adventure started. The menu stated that the dish consisted of rice noodles sauteed with bean sprouts, egg and chicken with 'gravy' and served over lettuce. Hmmm... no lettuce anywhere in the dish. Instead there was cabbage that was deftly sauteed in with the rest of the ingredients. Well, must have been a translation problem. The next part constituted the 'adventure'. I'm quite an adventurous eater, but I usually like to know what's in my food rather than guessing at a mystery ingredient. It was not long into the dish when I discovered some 'mystery seafood'. There was no seafood listed in the dish on the menu. Uugh. It was not just one stray piece, but a pile. I bit into a very leathery tentacle, and it just was awful. I think it may have been some dried squid, partly reconstituted with water?? That's the problem with mystery meat. It did not taste fresh, and it spoiled the dish entirely. In fact all I wanted to do was leave and wash my mouth out!

This was my first visit, so I don't want to dismiss this place without another try, especially since the appetizer was good and the atmosphere pleasant. And obviously there are locals who love it. However, it will be some time until I can get that mystery seafood out of my mind/mouth and brave it again. Until then, it is a questionable place for me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a bad experience here. This is my favorite Thai place. I found it while living in Sausalito and so far it's the only one I really like.

Next time get the Tom Yan Goong soup. It has a really clean taste with lots of flavor. Also the Curries, Clay Pot, Sweet and Sour Seafood, and Larb Pork Salad are really good.

Anna Haight said...

I plan on going back and giving them another chance, or two or three. Thanks for your vote of confidence in them.