Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nikudonburi lunch. I dropped in at Kamikaze after a long spell and tried their nikudonburi lunch special. The atmosphere is happy and has some kimono touches, and lots of TVs around the ceiling for simultaneous entertainment, but with no sound. As for the lunch, first miso soup and then followed the main dish. Miso was hot and good.

This is a hearty dish. Most nikudonburi uses sukiyaki-thin slices of beef sauteed in sauce with egg and onion. This one uses grilled cubes of thick steak for a different texture and interest. The dashi sauce is stirred and cooked so completely in the egg, that it comes out more curdled than mixture of tastes. The dish tasted generally good, but I prefer the egg less mixed with the dashi, for more of a mottled egg effect. There was quite a lunch crowd, this place has been around a long and makes consistent food. They might attract more customers if the parking weren't such a fight.. it's in the Monticeto shopping center near Trader Joe's. Need I say more.

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