Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fresh Food. Since my post about eating fresh foods, a friend lent me "Keeping Food Fresh" a book I've been falling asleep into every night since. It is a great guide for how to prep for storage and store food as well as ascertaining the quality/freshness of various foods. Then I noticed this little beauty of a gadget, the SensorfreshQ, pictured above. For those truly worried about food safety, and scientific accuracy, this is the gadget for you! Its sophisticated micro-processor takes over 2,000 readings in under one minute and through complex algorithms, determines the food's safety — a green LED means it is safe; yellow means okay but eat within a day; and red signals that freshness is no longer assured. As for me, I'll save the $90 and go with my mother's folk wisdom: "When in doubt, throw it out!".


rob said...

Know of anyone who has one? And does it actually work?

Anna Haight said...

Not yet but one of my friends who is very bacteria conscious might buy one. Sharper Image usually markets reliable things. As for me, after hearing another friend tell me that 70% of the poultry in the market has salmonella, I'm considering the vegetarian option. I looked up the report
and found it's now only about 50%, but that's bad enough for me.