Friday, October 13, 2006

Flavor of the week - Thai. Seems I have a taste for Thai this week since I've been to several places during the week, noted here or not. Today I took Dad to a Thai place which had been recommended, but I'd never tried before - Tub Tim Thai in Corte Madera. It is a very small hole-in-the-wall kind of place, but well-cared for.

Dad and I started with the Siam Rolls which were small bites, hot and crisp.

Then, on to the Soup of the Day, which was a chicken based (tasted homemade) consomme with a piece of chicken and some carrots, with fresh cilantro floating on top. It had a strong taste of fresh cilantro, which is refreshing if you like that herb. (I do.)

Dad reported that the Ginger Chicken was fresh and fabulous.

I had the Chicken Curry, which was a lighter yellow curry with a little more spice than some, and I really liked the light hand. Was perfectly spiced for my taste and the vegetables tasted very fresh. This is a definite keeper place, reasonable if not cheap prices, friendly service and delicious food.

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