Sunday, December 14, 2008

Totally Tasty

El Encanto

Dad and I were in Novato for a late lunch, and luckily, El Encanto was open beyond the usual lunch hours. It has its own building, but the signage is just on the posts. We were greeted with a smile and immediately seated at a sunny table.

Hot Chocolate

Dad started with some hot chocolate, and the cup and saucer set was quite charming. The only problem was that the saucer was filled with hot chocolate and we asked for extra napkins to sop up the drippy mess. The chips and salsa came quickly and the chips were nice and toasty. There was also a bean dip included that was smooth a nice addition.

Grilled Chicken Caesar

Dad felt like a salad so ordered the Grilled Chicken Caesar which he said was really good. We had some striped lighting going on that made it difficult to get a good photo.

Fish Tacos

I ordered the Fish Tacos which were deep fried and cut into bite sized pieces. The precutting made it easier to eat without being sloppy, and they tasted heavenly. Rice and beans came with it, and I chose the whole pinto beans. The the meal was great and we would not hesitate to come again.

I thought I would add some new information from this point to Marin County restaurant blog posts since the County has now made restaurant inspection results electronically available for individual restaurants.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 0
Noncritical: 0
Last inspected: 11/18/2008


cookiecrumb said...

Encantada! This is new to me; looks nice.
Novato is such a funky secret.

Anonymous said...

I went to Chevy's monday as my grandaughter likes the chips and dip. It was my second time there. Never again, grandaughter or no. It was the worse Mexican food I ever ate. There are many good Mexican restaurants in Novato, and Marin County so pass on Chevy's. My sister in law says its for people who like to DRINK. Well the XX was good. Same with the service.